What's in store

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    Leesa Mohanty

    A child cine artist, an accomplished Odissi classical dancer, an author and an HR professional, Leesa is a multifaceted personality with a strong inclination towards Indian culture and tradition.

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    Radhika Sood Nayak

    Radhika’s journey into Sufi music began with Punjabi Sufi mystic Bulleh Shah’s kalaam. It captured her heart and she has gone on to sing Sufi kalaam at the Mumbai Kabir Festival, Malwa Kabir Yatra,...

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    Pandit Shailesh Bhagwat

    Pandit Shailesh Bhagwat is one of the best-known Disciples of Bharat-Ratna Late Ustad Bismillah Khan Saheb.

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    Abhay Rustum Sopori

    Abhay Rustum Sopori is the youngest classical musician to compose and conduct orchestras, folk & Sufi ensembles, and is also been the...