Applied behavioral science is the application of multidisciplinary behavioral research and knowledge to solve real world problems. The key word is "multidisciplinary." While there is an inclusion of sociology, psychology, ethics and many more important disciplines, the study of Applied Behavioral Sciences is an exploration of human behavior. As we go wider and deeper, we begin to understand why people and groups behave a certain way and we attempt to address underlying problems that may impact businesses, organizations, or society in general.

What is the significance of ABS Summit?

We live in a complex world, with an ever-growing need for spaces for dialogue and exploration and ISABS has creating a platform for this to come about. The ABS Summit is for reaching out, mutual sharing and deepening our understanding. ISABS is creating a space to share ideas, insights and experiences and build new perspectives to help rejuvenate our lives as individuals and members of communities and organizations.


Join us in exploring, experiencing and celebrating the unique significance of Applied Behavioural Science through the ABS Summit 2020