How to be a part of ABS Summit

We welcome your contributions and presence in any one of the three formats i.e. presentations, workshops and IdeaSplash. You can also join as an attendee

Paper Presentation

This includes conceptual, or research papers based on original work that encompass the sub-themes of ‘Emergence’. Interested presenters are requested to submit an abstract by following the structured format explained in Paper Submission Guidelines & Timelines. Also, refer to indicative topics for the paper and detailed author guidelines. Selected papers would be included for publication in the form of an edited volume, after final acceptance. Email the abstract at


The purpose of a workshop is essentially to facilitate experiential learning. It is not a space for sharing concepts or empirical work. Workshop facilitators can offer sessions on new trends, methodologies or frameworks that are of contemporary importance to applied behavioural science. A Workshop would be of 1.5-hour duration. Email your idea/ thought at


ABS Summit honours nascent ideas which have high potential at the Self, Team, Organisation or Community level. The word ‘Idea’ itself conjures up freshness, boundaryless thinking, breakthrough solutions and forging a path to the future! Ideas come in several forms and shapes – it could be just a thought, based on an insight or fully formed and in the process of being piloted, or it could be an executed version which is now ready to scale up.

IdeaSplash is an unstructured space within ABS Summit, where you can share Ideas that have underpinnings of Applied Behavioral Science and is aligned to the sub themes of the summit. Keeping in view the summit subthemes, the presentation may be conceptual, philosophical, empirical or methodological.It is a brief, high energy talk on an issue or idea that a presenter is keenly involved in and is passionate about. An IdeaSplash presenter will be given a 15-minute time slot. Email your idea/ thought at