Humanness in organizations and Society

In a world where end-results, productivity and profitability have become paramount the thrill & adrenalin rush of “killing it!” has assumed the centre stage. Our Society, Institutions & Organizations drive scarcity, competition and crisis management where people are becoming just instruments for the achievement of goals. The need for instant gratification and short-term focus has resulted in a cacophony that has quietened the voices of Humanness – fears, anxieties, hopes, needs and softer emotions.

At the same time, fortunately, there are few people (individuals/leaders), institutions and organizations, who nurture the innate human values and focus on sustainable development for all. Such institutions and thought leaders who have been able serve their purpose with sensitivity to human needs, respecting human emotions of hope & thriving as well as embracing fears & anxieties. There are emergent systems with a culture of abundance, collaboration and self-paced growth.

Applied Behavioural Science Summit 2019, is an opportunity to unravel the counter-trends.

The canvas of this summit is painted with the stories, experiments and successes from practitioners of human thriving. We are expecting over 30 other presenters besides the Plenary Speakers i.e. Academicians, Organizational Leaders, ABS Practitioners, Change Makers, Independent Consultants and Coaches to join us at the Summit. We are excited about the variety of formats of exploration and discovery that the Summit offers, ranging from:



Balancing Winning and Wellbeing

Balancing Winning and Wellbeing is the subtheme for exploring our struggles to retain the humanness innate in us. It is about the connect between what we do and who we are. The balance is the juggling we do every day in finding inner calm in a world of noise.


Individual Emotional Wellbeing – Needs and Trends

Individual Emotional Wellbeing – Needs and Trends is the second subtheme to engage with individual emotional wellbeing. We will learn about new practices, experiments and discoveries from various fields. Approaches for individual well-being, ranging from laboratory learning to meditation, yoga, psycho drama and various schools of bodywork will be explored.


Community Wellbeing

Community Wellbeing is the subtheme to study the link between social context and wellness. We will discuss ABS methodologies that create community wellbeing through processes like inclusion, celebrating differences, empowerment, equity, bridging barriers of rank and privileges and so on.


Flourishing Institutions

Flourishing Institutions is the subtheme that turns to humanness in organizational life. We will discuss ideas and methods to align organizational purpose and values and how sensitivity in the here and now of organizational life can contribute to building flourishing institutions.

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