We live in a complex world, with an ever-growing need for spaces for dialogue and exploration. Technology has been an enabler and a challenge, reshaping the way we connect and relate.The ABS Summit is for reaching out, mutual sharing and deepening our understanding. ISABS is creating a space to share ideas, insights and experiences and build new perspectives to help rejunvate our lives as individuals and members of communities and organisations.


  • Change leaders (corporate, social & institutional role holders)
  • Strategic thinkers and thought leaders
  • Personnel influencing society
  • Student scholars
  • Creative minds and ideators
  • Policy makers and transformation facilitators


As a Participant

You will gain first-hand experience of working with emotions, experimenting and facilitation from a wide range of active ABS practitioners.

As a Presenter

You will join a learning community, engaging peers, sharing highs, lows, hopes and challenges.

Be sure to avail this unique opportunity where ABS practitioners from various streams and different walks of life come together to share, learn and relate with purpose and passion.